Palm Bay Moose Members ClubBusiness & Technology Assistance

  •   Set up Application Processes MS Office
  •   Camera System Review and Resolve Issues

Real Estate

  • Managed the purchase of several homes
  • Managed Property Value for several customers

Satellite Beach Moose Members Club Business & Technology Implementation

  • Organization Out of Business due to technician leaving with logins
  • Reestablished Technology
  • Documented all organizational technology
  • Reestablished Credit Card System for Charging
  • Established Credit Card Backup procedure for charging
  • Camera System Review and Resolve Issues


Estate Executor & Trustee

  • Managed Estate for over a year
  • Resolved home issues ready for sale
  • Sold home for 3x the original value
  • Managed accounts
  • Managed a 30% increase from the Estate's value from when I took over the Estate