Vote for Tony Volpe Seat 3                                

           VE Community Development District Board of Supervisors

                      Voting on November 3, 2020 Ballot

Political advertisement paid for and approved by Tony Volpe for Viera East CDD Supervisor Seat 3.

Tony Volpe Seat 3
  Resident of Suntree-Viera area for 34 years

Tony Pledge’s to protect our Whole Community from its Government


         Tony Stands For:
Low Taxes
Better Management
Revenue Gain
Represent the Whole Community
Community Focused
Cutting Waste and Balancing Budgets
Experience & Knowledge
Common Sense
Respect People



Compare to other Candidates:
Nobody has the experience and knowledge to lead this community’s direction

I Do - Vote for Tony Volpe

Increasing Revenue
Budget Managemet
Creative: Finding ways to get things done without spending money
Best value if I have to spend
Managing a positive outcome
Hard Working & Team Work
Excellent Presentations
Business Acumen



MBA Management
Board Member
Certified Management & Projects
Managing Business, Departments, Projects & Planning over 40 years
Business, Construction, Technology, Maintenance, Investments, Finances, Taxes, Auto/Golf Carts, Restaurant, Insurance, Real Estate, Aerospace, Health Care, Government
Consulting Many Organizations throughout the U.S.
Executor & Trustee for Estates