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Tony Volpe Presentations to the Board

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July 22, 2020 CDD Meeting
I presented to the Board
1. Concerns about Woodside Park
    a. Doggie Park
    b. Picnic Pavilion
2. I haven’t gotten an answer on these yet
               a.  “Who wants these things”
               b.  “Has a survey been done”
               c. “How will the bond(tax payers) be paid back”
3. Right now, when I view the park, I see very little people using the park and the community next to it where I see people coming from into the park aren’t in the CDD community.
4. How will it be monitored to ensure those paying taxes will receive the benefit and not those that don’t pay for it.  
5. I believe liabilities (suites against those that one caught the virus from) will surface as we go forward

July 14,2020 CDD Exception Meeting

I presented to the Board 
1. their decision to give a raise to the employees is wrong based on the current Brevard County unemployment rate(i emailed this info to them prior to their vote).  I pointed out that not only is the unemployment rate high but we are in unknown economic environment not only not but in the future.  I said I didn’t hear where the money is going to come from for this?   Lastly on this subject, I pointed out that they were concerned about the employees being upset if they didn’t get a raise, I said “are you not worried about the tax payers being upset to have to pay a tax for this”.
2.  They had already spent over $250 thousand dollars on defending the Bond and now are presented with approval of new monies to defend it.   How much are you going to spend on this defense before you drop it.  At this point with the approval we are now over a half million dollars going to the legal system.
3.  I suggested that they reconsider these decisions

June 24, 2020 CDD Meting

I presented the typical  process for Capital Budgeting

1.  Currently they just move available money into the capital account and vote on what project they want to allocate to when a project comes up.

2.  Typically, Capital projects are listed in priority prior to the budget approval.  This give an agreed list so everyone knows the money needed, where it will come from and the Return on Investment (ROI).

3.  I was told the board approved the current process and I suggested they change it to the typical capital budgeting process.

May 27,2020 CDD Meeting

I presented:

1. Suites to the VEB
i.My comments are as a resident of this CDD community
ii.And a candidate, Including comments that others have shared with me
iii.Suggested previously and again reducing  the bond to the level of repairs/maintenance with no expansions to end this
iv.$250K spent already that could have gone to repairs  that you are asking for in the Bond

Going by previous people at the meetings and folks in the community that are against the bond.  Unless as I have asked before you have a survey that says otherwise
2. Clubhouse Expansion down to 1mil from original almost 3 mil
i. This drawing is excellent presented at the last workshop by Bill
ii. However, I didn’t see a business plan and
iii. What is the return on investment if you invest 1m bond money from tax payers dollars, how will it be paid off
iv If you asked an investor for money he/she would tell you no without this and then it must show a profit
3. Golf memberships
i. Memberships presented by Tim at the last workshop shows a good profit but
ii. The first question is was the original investment from the tax payers bond included in the calculations
iii. Also, of the gain; what portion is going toward repairs & maintenance, and paying off the bond


My communications to the board have included very heavily the need to generate revenue to pay for the items that need to be fixed and any desired upgrades.   The board has been listening to me as they talked about several revenues they will try to implement and including most recently the General Manager (Tim) increasing the golf rounds fees yielding: In February, golf course revenue was $19,849 greater than last February, and $6,000 greater than budget.  Our dollar per round of golf ended up as a $5.15 increase from last February.

Month of April: I have spoken to the board members about the cost of defending the Bond.  I have given suggestion to end the 2nd law suite given the already cost and anticipated costs to continue.  I'm disappointed that the suit is still continuing.

1. I have looked at the budget and see some negative variances that should be resolved.       
2. I have reviewed the engineering document there is no Business Plan for the items listed.  I suggest you put everything on hold until there is a business plan for each event.
3. Discussed the excessive planned cost of the doggie park $55K
4. Some residence concerns about The Divot Grill at the club house.  They feel the manager acted inappropriately and I suggest someone to talk to her because they say they won’t be back.  This is a loss of revenue.  Every entity in the organization should pay for itself.
5. Golf compensation for employees should be adjusted.  Some seem to be excessive. Other memberships should be looked at to ensure it is competitive without excessive giveaways.
6. Shared an initial design of the planned doggie park with the risks, consequences and a lower cost than 55k.
7  Discussed the legal costs of defending the Bond suite and the budget consequences.
8. Presented the 2 state law requirements to qualify for the board to pursue a bond.   The 2 requirements failed and thus does not qualify to purchase a bond.
9.  Discussed revenue opportunities at Woodside Park.
10.Discussed fixing expenses and revenue instead of spending time and money on defending the bond.   If the bond is purchased and revenue increased then the gains can be put toward paying off the bond.
11. Discussed revenue opportunities from previous meetings that should be pursued.