The Board has approved a raise for the golf course employees.

The Legal Defense of the Bond has gotten approval of an additional amount of money by the board.

The Legal Defense of this Bond is costing the VE CDD community money.  Note/Important: The Current Board has spent an exorbitant amount of money to defend this Bond.   I don't think they want to expand the restaurant that is a positive.  However there are a full gamut of expansions that can be removed from the Bond, leaving only what needs maintenance & repairs for the entire community.

I do not support the Bond and there are many issues to be resolved that requires Business/Management skills to resolve and put the community in a positive direction. 

Budget format is not a typical type

Legal Bond Suites: Over $250 thousand spent thus far defending a bond that the community does not support.   This money could have been spent on items that need to be fixed that is part of the bond request eliminating the need in the bond.

Golf Course Focused
Minimal Focus on whole community
Currently Limited Revenue Opportunities
Limited Expense Reduction
Bond pursuit against community majority
Legal defense for small area of community
Golf Membership needs review                     
Unbalance community focused
Many other issues that require a business-management to overcome
Greens – several have mold
Community has multi-maintenance responsibility
Bulk Heads in serious need of repair
Liabilities associated with Property items not kept up
New revenue sources must be explored
Find others sources to pay for maintenance and improvements
Minimal Focus on whole community
Limited Business Experience

 My communications to the board have included very heavily the need to generate revenue to pay for the items that need to be fixed and any desired upgrades.   The board has been listening to me as they talked about several revenues they will try to implement and including most recently the General Manager (Tim Melloh) increasing the rounds fees yielding: In February, our revenue was $19,849 greater than last February, and $6,000 greater than budget.  Our dollar per round of golf ended up as a $5.15 increase from last February.

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VE CDD Issues

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